30 Day Photo Challenge: Recap

As promised, I’m going to go back through my challenge submissions and rank my top and bottom with reasons and lessons learned. I think the biggest problem I’ve had consistently is brightness. About half of my photos have been under exposed or edited to be too dark. Some of that may be due to editing on a large TV in a dark room, so turning the brightness down on that monitor may help the end result.

Let’s get to the fun parts. I’m going to start with my WORST posts in order of submission.

Day 6: Changes to Come – The temperature on this is too warm. It was taken at night under an incandescent bulb and I did little to no adjustments to the white balance. I think this was before I started doing any post editing so it’s pretty raw. The subject feels a little like a cop out and I didn’t shoot the pic the day of the post. Overall, it’s not the worst, but it’s in the bottom.

Day 16: A Good Habit – By far my least favorite of the entire challenge. It reminds me of that random picture you have in your cell phone gallery that you aren’t really sure why you took. It’s dark and indiscernible. If I remember correctly, this was one I took late at night without much thought on the subject. If I could take any one of these back, it would be this one.

Day 17: Technology – My main issue with this one is the frame it’s in on the main page. It cuts off the graphics card, which is the focus point of the photo. I tried to get a better angle and more in focus, but nothing was wanting to work out that day. Without disconnecting the entire PC and staging it at another location, I wasn’t going to get a good picture. This was another time that I waited too late in the day to get my pictures so I was limited in my options.

Day 18: Shoes – This picture itself isn’t so bad, but it looks like a well taken photo for a Craigslist ad. next to some of the other subjects, it just looks out of place. I wish I had been wearing my shoes and thought of some creative way to put them in a scene.

Day 23: Pattern – I think I was so caught up in catching up that I didn’t give this one the attention it deserved. It was one of, if not THE, last picture I took of the night. I had been running around all day trying to think of what inspired me. Then I felt that I had been really hard on a bunch of my submissions so I blew smoke in my post about how it started to grow on me. It didn’t. I don’t like it.

Now from the most recent moving backwards, I’ll list my FAVORITES.

Day 29: Black & White – I did a few monotone pictures in the challenge, but this one turned out surprisingly cool looking after it was edited. Originally, this was not going to be the feature photo for the post, but it ended up so unique that I changed it at the last minute.

Day 25: Strangers – This may not be my favorite overall photo, but the work that I put into the editing, learning how to edit an action sequence, the subject matter, and the experience of going out and interacting with new people made this one of the most memorable and most exciting posts that I made. I think I’m taking this to the next level and doing a set based on action sequences.

Day 24: Animal – This is my favorite SOOC photo. It looks like something that could be submitted to a nature magazine. I’m glad I spent the time to go to the park and photograph a real animal and not phone in another picture of my pet. I think the time and effort put into this one really shows.

Day 10: Something Blue – Several people have told me that this is on their favorites list and it is on mine as well. Even before the tone curve I edited into it, it had a dystopian feel to it. I may take this idea and make a Modern Dystopia landscape series. This was one of the shots that really sparked a creative interest and made me glad that I took this challenge.

Day 9: Someone I Love – The day I did this photoshoot was another one of the most exciting days of the challenge. I ended up with some awesome material and it was a very memorable experience. I did another shoot with her that I didn’t post on the challenge blog, but I will get uploaded as soon as I complete the redesign of the page.

Honorable mentions with shorter comments:

Day 4: After Dark – Cool and artsy, but not pretentious. My first favorite at that point in the challenge.

Day 14: Sunset – This would be better if I had a better grasp on layer masks. I may Re-edit this one later.

Day 20: Something I Want – Well, it’s something I already have, but it was another SOOC winner.

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait – I don’t like many pictures of myself, but I like this one.

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