Day 19: In My Bag

Here I go out of order again. It was a late night at the job that pays the bills, so I didn’t get to go hunting for ‘What I Want’. This is my bag and whats in and attached to it normally, minus the actual camera and the lens I’m currently using. The lighting isn’t spectacular. I need to invest in some soft boxes, but that will come soon enough. I used a Post-It note attached to the on camera flash to help soften the light. Hindsight, I could have used the second flash that is in the picture but left in its case. Left to right is the camera bag (obviously), In the Vivitar case are my filters, the 3 accessories below that are the flash transmitter and receivers, 32 GB SD and 16 GB FlashAir (super nifty), my 18-55mm kit lens, lens caps, behind are my 2 flashes, and miscellaneous cables on the right. Unseen because I left it in my case is the wireless remote shutter and my tripod that totally slipped my mind until I started listing out my gear.

Please, tell me what you think...

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