Day 14: Sunset

I think with this photo I’m finally caught up from the skipping around due to weather and such. I have some issues with this being under exposed in the actual city area, but I’m willing to forgive myself because the colors in the sky are beautiful. I’ve been really hard on my past few posts because I’ve been focused more on the flaws in the photos than what I did right. I had my fair share of difficulties with this one too. I was on top of a parking garage but there was a corporate office building blocking the best view of the sunset. I hopped in the car and tried to get a better vantage point, but there wasn’t one to be had without gaining access to the corporate building. I ended up with a lot of really good pics that were unrelated to today’s subject which may be why I’m a little more positive about the way this one came out and a good bit more accepting of its imperfections.

Please, tell me what you think...

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