Day 8: Childhood Memory

I jumped out of order again because I’m holding out for something special tomorrow. Kids always have that one thing that they’ve bonded with. Whether it’s a pillow, a blanket, a pacifier, or in my case a stuffed animal. Every night I slept with a little dog named Fluffy and my Snuggle bear. One of the earliest memories I still have was the time my mom and I went to visit my Papa’s and Nana’s house and seeing this little baby Snuggles sitting on their buffet cabinet (I called him baby Snuggles because my other bear was a little over twice his size). I saw it nearly immediately and they teased me for a second before I played of like I had to “go to the potty” just to pass by it again. My recollection is hazy after that, but from then on, I had a new best friend. Even today I take solace in knowing exactly where he is… safely tucked away in a closet with Fluffy and “Mama Snuggles” as his larger counterpart was eventually renamed.

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