Day 7: Routine

This one was a struggle. I changed back to the original 18-55 kit lens and could not get a shot that I liked all night. Not to mention the subject was difficult. So I teamed up with my buddy Yusif from Hard Erratica who has a weekly vlog on relationships and such. Part of his weekly routine is the setup and tear-down of the lighting. This is the second photo of the challenge that I’ve touched up in post. Times like this I feel like I’m moving backwards instead of making progress, but I’m keeping at it.

One thought on “Day 7: Routine

  1. Keeping at it is the thing, and this is a good image. Just keep experimenting, digital makes that so easy to do. Your first goal is to create images you like and then, as with us all, the hope is that some others will like your images too. But the first goal is to create something that you yourself like. A

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