Day 5: Obsession

Today may have been the easiest shot so far. Just ask my wife what I’m obsessed with and she’ll tell you this is spot on. Video games have been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. From a vague recollection of coming downstairs to a group of adults playing the original NES, to my first job as a game attendant at a franchise pizza arcade, the half decade I spent buying and selling used games at the country’s most popular pre-owned game retailer, and the countless hours I’ve dedicated to various titles, video games have played a major role in my social, personal, and professional development. I mean, I’ve got my online moniker laser etched into the controller. But that doesn’t make it an obsession, that’s just cool!

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Obsession

  1. You must open your aperature (f stop) and lower (or drag the shutter) speed. Take advantage of tripod for staging. Use “M” to make concsious mistakes. Then turn your best mistakes into a career. Thank you for sharing. You have a good eye, when you gain the technical know how to go with it, you may be able to quit your day job.

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    1. I shot all of these in manual mode so far. Part of this exercise is to get more familiar and comfortable with the settings. Everything I’ve learned has been from the internet and experimenting, so professional feedback is appreciated.


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