Day 3: Something Green

If you read the first blog post, you may have noticed that day 3 is supposed to be clouds. Well the thing is, if you’re going to photograph clouds, there needs to be clouds. So, I’m skipping forward and we will revisit the sky another day.

Now, for the ‘Something Green’ I shot several photos of grass, trees, and all angles of foliage, but nothing really struck me as post-worthy. Then I had an epiphany. What’s meaningful to me and not the typical cop out macro of a flower? Oh! The poker table is green, and it’s still somewhat set up after our weekly game! It took a bit of staging which I hope isn’t too obvious. Shout out to LootCrate for the color changing Lord of the Rings glass.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Something Green

  1. My eye immediately reads the chips which are in sharp focus. The staging is good. Is your day job stylist? ha ha I kid. More exposure woes. Your white balance must still be on sunlight, because your indoor shot is very warm. But the shot is very environmental and stock image worthy. You even made nice DOF (Depth of Field). Was it intentional?


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